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  • Consumption Lounges are the next big thing.

    Consumption Lounges are the next big thing.

    There is so much more to the consumption lounge experience than most think. Imagine going to a restaurant where you can drink alcohol, eat food, and consume cannabis. This is the future of hospitality.

  • Freeze your insurance sucks!

    Freeze your insurance sucks!

    Cannabis Retailers are high targets, literally. Without the right insurance policy a dispensary can be left without coverage for theft of cannabis goods. Doing your due diligence to find the right coverage and taking measures against break ins will help mitigate risks. The SAFE Banking Act has failed to pass, leaving business owners with limited […]

  • Dude where’s my payments?

    Dude where’s my payments?

    Cannabis Industry Merchant Service Providers get shut down. How has this impacted retailers and at what cost? Learn how operators are mitigating theft and working with the National Cannabis Industry Association to drive Legislation. In order to best understand what payment methods will suit you best, you must first understand the inherit risks that are […]

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